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Our Goals, Our History is the American Center for Patient Decisionmaking, Inc., a nonprofit group that helps patients understand treatment options and connect to the care they need.

Helping Patients, One by One

Since 1995, has worked with clinicians, suppliers, health services researchers, and pharmaceutical experts to help patients identify medical options for serious diseases. Researching treatment options, ensuring access to care, and advocating for insurance reimbursement are common topics of interest.

Adding to the Public Policy Debate

In addition to the focus on individual patients, works on a policy basis to promote patient-centered decisionmaking in every corner of medical care. We look at ways to:

  • make treatments available faster,
  • minimize the risk to human subjects in trials,
  • keep care affordable, and
  • obtain insurance reimbursement

We are particularly vocal in the use of pharmaceuticals, where so many patient access issues arise:

  • accelerated access,
  • compassionate use exemptions,
  • drug affordability, and
  • insurance coverage
  • Drug issues are simply fundamental for most patients facing acute medical challenges.

Our Goal: Getting Patients What They Need promotes patient-centered decisionmaking on all fronts, big and small, hoping for the day when patients and their family members will enjoy transparent access to appropriate care.

We welcome the volunteer participation of specialty physicians, pharmaceutical experts, reimbursement specialists, and of course contributors in support of this work.