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Efraim (“Eric”) Katz, J.D., Executive Director

Eric Katz has worked in health policy and health law for over twenty five years, and has been with since its beginning in 1995.

Eric has over 25 years in national health policy, responsible for pharmaceutical regulation, insurance coverage and reimbursement, and promoting access to healthcare. He was Executive Director of the US Advisory Committee on the FDA, a senior staffer to the US Surgeon General, and Counselor to the Administrator at the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. He also spent a decade at Medicare headquarters (CMS), as a manager over a $65 million portfolio of Research and Development projects exploring new Medicare coverage options.

Internationally, Eric held a Fulbright Fellowship studying pharma use patterns as the Berlin Wall fell and East Germans transitioned to West German health insurance. He took another fellowship in 2000 to work in the Israeli Ministry of Health, looking at public-private partnerships in healthcare.

As Executive Director of, Eric speaks on patient topics ranging from coverage policy to the impact of government healthcare decisions. His blog, KatzandCo, covers the gamut of today’s healthcare and pharma challenges.

Eric received his J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law (where he was Editor of the Law Review and then clerked for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit), and holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School.

Judith R. Schnidman, Educational Director

Judith Schnidman serves as Educational Director over patient education and medical provider activities. Her background in training and education goes back 30 years, setting up campus training programs for the U.S. Student Association. She now helps patients connect with medical care, discusses medical issues with physicians, and works with teenagers in health promotion work.

Judy also manages’s volunteer programming, and directs fundraising activities.

Judy holds a Masters of Education from Towson University, an M.B.A. from George Washington University, and a Bachelors from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Ronald Maltz, Communications Director

Ron Maltz develops communications campaigns, patient advocacy projects, and marketing materials for He translates a hazy project opportunity into a specific, thoughtful project for meaningful action. Ron has a law degree from the University of Baltimore, and a bachelors from the University of Maryland.

Contacting the Staff

The best method for contacting our staff is always email.

For national policy issues in healthcare, pharmaceuticals or insurance issues, contact Eric Katz at our Washington Policy office: The phone for the Washington office is: 1+ 202.656.7711

For patient-specific information sources, contact Judy Schnidman in our Main Offices at The phone number is 1+410.358.1400.

The patient-focused helpline is at 888-7-DECIDE.

All other staff, board members and volunteers:

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