Patient empowerment doesnít just mean finding information and handing it out. It also means showing patients where to turn for relevant clinical findings. Even on the policy circuit, itís useful to have quick access to sources of accurate, in-depth, relevant data.

For many patients, a customized list of URLs is the best way to learn about diseases, clinical trial options, and other online information. Professional analysis of these sources gives patients a package to share with doctors and work collaboratively toward optimal care.

Still, a list of helpful sites is a good place for patients to start looking at a newly-diagnosed condition and the first-line sources for leading edge care. This is that list.

Clinical Information

National Institutes of Health:

NIH listing of clinical trials:

PubMed research tools:

National Organization for Rare Diseases:

Basic clinical disease information:

Cancer treatment options and patient support:

Policy Information

Kaiser Family Foundation

US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

Pharmaceutical Information

Medicare Part D outpatient drug coverage:

Pharmaceutical clinical trials:

Drug Side Effects:

Coverage and Reimbursement Information

Financial aid for drug costs: Partnership for Prescription Assistance:

Medicare information for patients and others: 1-800-MEDICARE